Buy Clomid online

Buy Clomid online

Clomid is a brand name of the active component Clomiphene. It is one of the strongest antiestrogen drugs which interacts with receptors of estrogen in the different tissues of the body including hypothalamus, hypophysis, ovaries, endometrium, vagina, and neck of the womb.

Clomid resists the negative feedback of estrogens to hypothalamus-pituitary axis increasing the release gonadotropic hormone. This episode of gonadotropic hormone levels may lead to the release of ovum accompanied by the impregnation.

However, Clomid not only lowers the concentration of estrogens in the blood blocking the estrogenic receptors but also acts as a stimulator of the estrogen production, if their concentration is lower than the optimal level. This way, Clomid helps to control the normal production of the female sexual hormones, and it enables to control the female health.

In men clomid acts the same as in women. It reduces the synthesis of estrogens as a result of aromatization. As a result, the increase of the gonadotropic hormone release helps to increase the production of the male sexual hormones and restore the functions of testicles and other genitals of the man which have the reproductive properties.

Directions for the use

If a woman is diagnosed infertility, it does not mean that Clomid must be bought at once.

Clomid is prescribed only for certain forms of infertility, i.e. anovulatory infertility when ovulation does not occur because of a lot of estrogens.

Also, you may buy Clomid for uterine bleeding, disorder of the menstrual cycle, and also for androgenic deficit in men.

Usage and dosage

The scheme of the treatment with Clomid is similar for most patients.

Women are prescribed 50 mg of Clomid once a day starting from the 5th day of the menstrual cycle within 5 days. As a rule, ovulation appears within 15 days. During this period of time it is needed to have a clinical control of the doctor and detect the efficiency of the therapy by means of the experienced studies.

If the therapy with Clomid was ineffective, the second course of the treatment is prescribed. The second course of the treatment will be in higher dose. Women are prescribed 150 mg of Clomid within 5 days. In this regimen, the drug is taken every month till the appearance of ovulation.

Men need a longer treatment: it is needed to take 50 mg of Clomid per day within 3 months.

Side effects

The side effects of Clomid are weakly expressed but they may occur at any moment. As a rule, women feel nausea, dizziness, pain in low stomach, hot flushes, increase of the body weight, and often urination.

In case of the allergic reaction or increase of the ovary size, the treatment should be terminated and Clomid should be replaced by another antiestrogen without Clomiphene.

Interaction with other medical products:

If you take any medicines, inform your doctor about it. Clomiphene almost does not interact with other drugs because enzymes taking part in the metabolism of this active component do not take part in the identical processes of other medications.

Buy Clomid Online

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