Buy Femara online

Buy Femara online

Femara is a strong antiestrogen which has the antitumoral effect. The pharmacological action is conditioned by the selective inhibition of aromatase (an enzyme which plays a great role in the estrogen synthesis).

Femara quickly and effectively reduces the synthesis of estrogens in tumor tissue and in peripheral tissues. It may be used by both women and men during the process of the strong aromatization.

Despite the general similarity to the antiestrogens Clomid and Nolvadex, Femara beneficially differs from these medicines because it acts selectively, does not cause a lot of the adverse effects, and is better tolerated.

It has been proved that the everyday use of Femara in the daily dose leads to reduction of the concentration of estradiol, estrone, and estrone sulfate in the blood plasma by 75-95% from the original content. The reduction of the estrogen synthesis is maintained within the entire course of the treatment, and also 1-2 weeks after the end of Femara application.

Buy Femara Online

The beneficial difference of Femara from the identical drugs is that the probability of osteoporosis development is by several times lower during the treatment than in other antiestrogens.

Directions for the use

Femara is used for the different forms of the tumor diseases of the breast and mammary gland during menopause and in the period of postmenopause.

Femara may be bought after the therapeutic course with tamoxifen for better ending of the antitumoral therapy with a stronger and safer drug with the antiestrogen effect.

Usage and dosage

Most patients are prescribed the only scheme of the treatment, and therefore if you decided to buy Femara and take the medicine without prescription, it is necessary to read the instruction for the use and make sure of the absence of the contraindications.

Adult patients take Femara every day, once per day, with a full glass of water. The daily dose is 2,5 mg.

The length of the treatment may take several years. Usually the tablets of Femara 2,5 mg take up to 5 years.

In the process of the treatment it is necessary to control the function of the adrenal gland and the level of estrogens in the blood in the tumor tissue. In case of the appearance of the signs of the advance of the disease, the use of Femara should be cancelled, and other ways of the treatment must be found.

Side effects

Using Femara the side effects appear seldom than using other antiestrogens but they still may occur.

The possible side effects are:

Others: feeling of fever (blush), high tiredness, asthenia, lack of energy, peripheral edema, and increase of the body weight.

Interaction with other medical products:

All known clinical studies do not confirm the significant medical interaction of Femara with toehr medical products including the antitumoral products.

There is a probability of the interaction with medicines which are metabolized with the help of the same enzymes as Femara but there are no reliable data. That is why, if you doctor prescribed Femara, it is necessary to tell about all medicines you take at the moment.

Buy Femara Online

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