Buy Nolvadex online

Buy Nolvadex online

Nolvadex is a trade name of the active component tamoxifen. It is one of the first antiestrogens which is used for the treatment of the malignant hormone-dependent neoplasms both in breast and in other sites.

In many cases it is effective for tumors not related to estrogens, and it indicates the presence of other mechanisms of the action and therapeutic properties of Nolvadex.

Nolvadex inhibits the receptors of the autogenic estrogens and, this way, slows down the progress of the tumor disease stimulated by estrogens. Nolvadex does not stimulate the synthesis of DNA in nidus but suppresses the cell division, and it leads to the regression of the tumor cells and their death.

Nolvadex is actively used by men to reduce aromatization (increase of estrogens and reduction of the probability of gynecomastia), during the use of steroid hormone drugs. This drug is similarly effective in both women and men because the mechanism of the action is not changed.

Directions for the use

Nolvadex is actively used for the treatment of the breast cancer, by women during menopause. But this medicine shows good results in the treatment of the identical diseases in women without menopause and is considered the main drug to reduce the hormone tumors of the breast.

Also, Nolvadex is used for the treatment of the cancerous tumors of ovaries, prostate, endometrium, and kidneys.

Before prescribing Nolvadex it is needed to make sure that tumors are hormone-dependent and caused by the action of estrogen.

Usage and dosage

Before buying Nolvadex and starting the treatment it is needed to have a medical examination and make sure of no contraindications and pregnancy.

Tamoxifen should be regularly used within a long time. The dosage of the drug should be selected according to the individual peculiarities of the body. The tablets are taken orally at any time, regardless of the meals, with a full glass of water. It is better to take the tablets at the same time, so that the receptors of estrogen get used to the action of the drug and better react to the action of Nolvadex.

The results of the treatment appear not at once, but in some period of time, and therefore the average length of the Nolvadex usage is 2-3 years. The everyday use of Nolvadex within 2-3 years may have a negative influence on your family budget, and therefore the optimal solution will be to buy Nolvadex online and get a big discount, up to 50%.

Side effects

The main side effects of Nolvadex application which patients face are:

Rarely, there are sleepiness, depression, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, increase of the body temperature, anorexia, constipation, and skin rash.

The appearance of the side effects is directly related to the antiestrogenic effect of Tamoxifen, and they usually completely pass within 1-2 months after the beginning of the treatment.

Interaction with other medical products:

Buy Nolvadex Online

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